North American Psychometry in Trouble

The North American Psychometry Research Institute may be forced to close this year after nearly 300 years of operation. They lost the last of their mundane funding sources some time ago and have been subsisting on dwindling income sources ever since. The process may have been inevitable after mainstream American parapsychology started getting too close to the truth around the 1950s and had to be diverted onto less dangerous paths with a mixture of infiltration, criticism and occasional blackmail. As a result the true strength of parapsychic research has moved to Europe, where it proved easier to control.

My source in the NAPRI burst into tears while relaying this news, although he claimed that it was only because the tissue box he was holding had previously been used to comfort the recently bereaved.

Psychometrists may have reached the end of study in their field in any case. It is well established that objects and places can hold emotional energy in their own energy fields, and that this energy can then affect or be perceived by sensitive people at a later time. However, recent papers have now started claiming that ghosts may be projections of the psychometric energies left after particularly traumatic or emotional events took place. This is ridiculous as we all know that ghosts cross over from the spirit realm, where they may be the spirits of the departed, the yet to be born or other more exotic creatures. It suggests that the researchers may be clutching at straws, rather than searching for truth.

There are a couple of posts available for unemployed psychometric sensitives at the Archive (although you may or may not have to leave the USA and journey to our hidden location). The Archive will be upgrading our records to include data on how the books, scrolls, tomes, etc. on our shelves feel. Resumes should be imprinted with a sense of how important you feel our mission is and sent to the usual place.

If you enjoy the story please leave the author a comment, as this makes him very happy. You can also help the Archive find alternative funding sources for NAPRI by voting at Top Web Fiction. We drift on and off the bottom of the Top Web Fiction list, so a vote each week does wonders for our visibility!


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