A Farewell

My dear subhistorians, I am back. Albeit briefly. Eilidh and several other staff here at the Archive have my gratitude for saving me from a rather unpleasant existence. It seems that a group of cultists were trying to destroy time (we now know that they had made a previous attempt). Although they didn’t succeed, they did accidentally create a time artefact, which trapped me and several other entities across the world who have less than usual origins.

Eilidh and the others were able to reverse-engineer the cultists’ experiment with the help of some friendly particle physicists. The scientists were rather excited about the implications of being able to affect time through the use of sufficiently high powered mass colliders, no doubt there will be some fascinating (to the physicists) articles published in the upcoming months.

While trapped it seemed as though I was alone in the world. I felt a month pass in the space of a day. I wrote entries on incubi, stellar snakes, a cornered circle and the last breath of a beetle. None of these entries exist now, and I lost so much weight I could barely walk. A day crawled for a month, I caught up on sleep and amused myself by dodging raindrops. I’m not sure how real either of these experiences were, but I am sure of one thing, it is time for a rest.

I hereby announce my retirement.

I have retired before, many times. I will still be here if I am needed, but I will no longer head the Archive. Perhaps I will take up gardening, I hear hellebores are nice.

Thankyou for reading The Archive of Unusual Events. This was my first experience writing serial fiction and I really enjoyed it, although I picked a difficult style to get a decent plot out of. This is the end of the Archive (at least for now), but you can find more fiction by me at Writing in the Balance, my new fiction blog. I’d like to spend some time writing more plot and character-based fiction for a while. If you enjoyed reading the Archive please leave a comment, if you think other people would enjoy reading then click this link to vote for the Archive at Top Web Fiction.

13 thoughts on “A Farewell

  1. And who will then tell us more about the centipede cults still burrowed deeply under the parts of Germany I currently call home? Your research and commitment has saved countless of lives, mine included.

    Seriously though, thank you so much for the tremendous inspirations for a variety of horror-themed modern role playing sessions. I have been using the Archive as canon source for one of my campaigns, and it was most excellent. I am very sorry to see it go.


      • Among other things, we’re playing Cthulhu Now. Yes, the players had been tasked to research about a certain subterranean cult in the area, and have been pointed in the direction of the Archive, which has been taken as complete canon.

        They were (rightfully) very concerned about certain writings from crabs, as well, particularly since they encountered a scientist who may have been mentioning doing something at an English seaside where a strange new but ancient looking language was found.

        And of course, a certain Institute has been around, though no one really liked the personnel they usually send.

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  2. Sad to see it end. Feels like there are still plotlines hanging in the wind, but then again that’s sort of to be expected with this format. Really, there was more continuity and interdependence between posts going on than I expected, and I’m glad for it because it really helped sell the world and make it feel worth caring about than if it had just been disconnected weirdness.

    Thank you for writing this! I liked it very much.

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