Signherds Required

Over the weekend we attempted to test the “close dimension missing Archivist” hypothesis. We brought in 4th dimensional viewing devices first to check the obvious directions. Disturbingly we all had shadows when looking kata-wise from our plane of existence. Turning the devices to the ana side revealed that someone had left a light source ana-neath the Archivist’s room. This explains the somewhat unusual lighting found in the Archivist’s office, but did not help us at all. There was no shadow for the Archivist.

Moving on we found “Mister Marvarvo’s Mysterious M-Ray Monocle”, which allows the wearer to gaze into local parallel dimensions. We had to take it off Carl, who has an inappropriate sense of humour and was making people feel uncomfortable. We did find a universe in which a group of plants was peering back at us through another monocle, but no Archivist.

Finally we contracted a young woman with dimension-hopping abilities to pop-around the non-visible dimensions. The trip clearly didn’t go well, as she had to be treated for zombie-bite on her return, but she reported no sign of the Archivist.

It is worth noting that the Archivist is a personality unique, so far as we know, to our dimension. While other-dimension alternates of many of us were visible (Carl especially seems to get around) there were no alternate-Archivists to complicate the search.

In other news, a large herd of feral signposts has been spotted migrating across the Great Plains region in Kansas, USA. Any local signherds who can volunteer to keep them away from roads would be very appreciated, as they could cause chaos if they reach a large city. Efforts are being made to push them North back towards South Dakota.

If you enjoy the story please leave the author a comment, as this makes him very happy. You can also help the Archive send feral signs on their way by voting at Top Web Fiction. We drift on and off the bottom of the Top Web Fiction list, so a vote each week does wonders for our visibility!



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