Mysterious Submersible

A submersible craft shaped like a giant rock lobster has been discovered on an isolated beach on a small island in the Banda Sea. It was found by a local fisherman, who told his cousin, who told a friend, and so on until community sources with the Indonesian government heard about it and spirited the craft away before mundane government investigators became involved.

The craft had been fairly well camouflaged with a covering of vegetation, but had been apparently abandoned without accident, as though the occupant intended to return. By the time it was removed however it had been in place for several weeks, if not longer, so it was not on the island for a day trip. It is in the form of a Southern Rock Lobster, which are mostly found around the South of Australia and New Zealand, perhaps suggesting that it has travelled some distance.

The craft opened easily, admitting researchers into a cockpit within the head. The equipment and controls were marked in an unknown language with no known terrestrial counterpart. One suggestion was to show this language to the crab colony in Thailand, but this has been laughed at as they know only their own runes. Never-the-less the crabs know more than they should and so the suggestion has merit. Especially since researchers including xeno-technologists have been unable to determine the start sequence as yet.

The three seats could have been designed for a human, but are scaled for someone in excess of 2.5 metres tall. Early estimates suggest that the craft is extremely hardy and could even survive pressures as deep as the Marianas Trench, the deepest known mundane point in the sea and the third deepest overall. This raises many questions about where it could have come from. Some have started making noises about Atlantis, but Atlantis is a) on the other side of the world and b) an entirely fictitious place invented by that rascal Plato on a slow philosophical morning. Thus far we have little more than speculation about the craft and its occupant (or occupants), but monitoring devices have been set up around the area it was discovered.


The screaming I have mentioned before has suddenly and completely stopped. While those of us afflicted by it are all sleeping better the sudden silence is concerning in itself.

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