Pursued By Physicists

We have finally managed to track down one of the “scientists” involved in the mass-collider experiment that may be linked to the Archivist’s disappearance. It turns out that they are less real physicists and more religious fanatics who believe that entropy, and by extension time, are forces of evil, slowly destroying their deity’s perfect creation of the universe. Rather than studying subatomic particles, or trying to turn lead into excessively expensive, tiny amounts of gold (you know, like you’re supposed to do with a mass-collider?) it seems they were trying to find a way to destroy time itself, thus preventing any further deterioration of the universe. With the side-effect of course that nothing would ever happen again.

We tried explaining to these people that life is a process involving the transfer of energy, but it seems they are the self-hating form of zealot, obsessed with flesh being unholy and sinful. So that argument didn’t convince them very far.

At any rate, they clearly didn’t succeed in destroying time. We’re not sure that is even possible, but they clearly seem to think so. However, it does give us some further avenues to explore.

We should probably stop the cult from further attempts at pushing the big pause button of the universe, but it turns out we don’t need to. The fanatics are currently being hunted by particle physicists, which doesn’t sound intimidating until you consider that these are the people who managed to convince a number of governments to essentially build them gigantic underground lairs filled with the most powerful devices known to mankind. When one man dropped a baguette on the Large Hadron Collider machine they literally turned him into a bird. (And then abused said bird in the press, just to rub it in.)

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