Archivist Found… ish.

We have located the Archivist: he is in his office. Unfortunately when we go to check the office he is as resolutely not present as the first time we looked. Archive staff have tried several approaches, including shutting their eyes and swinging their arms wildly, or trying to pay attention to the corners of their vision without actually trying to look for him. Daisy attempted to use her “plant senses” (I have never heard of plant senses and suspect Daisy just felt left out). So far these have all been unsuccessful.

We discovered the Archivist’s location using an old witchcraft method, we first “set a needle” to him (a thaumaturgist would say we “magnetised the needle to his psycho-eletric field”, but thaumaturgists always use seven words where three will do), then simply suspended the needle on a piece of devilspun thread and followed it to his location. Although he isn’t there, the spot where the needle believes him to be is slowly moving. Possibilities include that he has been shunted into a pocket dimension, entered into a closed time-like loop, or perhaps has become incorporeal. We’re doing our best to get him back.

We’re also keeping some cheese-and-chive scones ready in case he’s really hungry when he gets back.

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