The Chord of Angels

A group of music theologists discovered the Chord of Angels today. The chord (previously thought to be completely mythological) was believed to bring peace to all who heard it, stop wars, cure depression and polish silver. Unfortunately this is not the case, instead it is literally a chord of angels and summons an angelic host to that location.

The angels were quite peeved at being disturbed from their usual angelic tasks, such as keeping rich people safe and making sure miracles are dispensed to the deserving. (Except for deserving amputees, who are barred from receiving miracles. No one is sure why angels hate amputees. There are rumours of an exclusivity clause in a contract with salamanders.) As a result the angels have changed the Chord, so that once again no one knows what it is. However, now that we know it just results in a bunch of grumpy angels shining halos in your eyes and prodding painfully with harps I doubt anyone will bother searching for it again.

Consulting oracles has revealed that the Archivist and several other beings apparently vanished (such as commenter Mnwxy) are still on our place of existence. This is a relief in some ways, but perplexing in others as no other evidence of them remains.

J- T- of the Surreal Institute has been very rude about the Archivist’s disappearance.  I am sure we’d all rather he disappeared instead.

If you enjoy the story please leave the author a comment, as this makes him very happy. You can also help the Archive search for our Archivist by voting at Top Web Fiction. We drift on and off the bottom of the Top Web Fiction list, so a vote each week does wonders for our visibility!


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