Tiger Balm Curse and Dragonfly Attacks

There are reports of three metre long dragonflies taking sheep and a dog in Western Australia. Although they are considered unlikely to attack adult humans locals should watch pets and children carefully. There is speculation that these are from the Surreal Institute’s time travel programme, much like the escaped dinosaur earlier this year, but no confirmation. The Mundane Protection Society is asking for donations to compensate the farmer for lost livestock and we can recommend them as an excellent charitable organisation. Donations are tax-deductible in several countries.

In Brazil there is a balm-based emergency after a batch of cursed Tiger Balm was imported from Thailand. For most users the effect is only temporary, as the fur eventually falls out a few days after application of the balm is stopped. Unfortunately one individual essentially committed suicide by liberally covering himself in the camphorous substance. This must have been extremely unpleasant even without a curse. He was found sprouting claws and orange fur, and despite the best efforts of the local wise he eventually fully transformed into a tiger.

Telepaths found no trace of human consciousness inside the animal, and it is being rehomed in a local zoo. If anyone has experience with cursed animal balms then please contact Brazilian authorities, but there is little hope for his return.

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