S.O.C. (Guest Post)

Archivist’s Note: This report was sent to us from a researcher in the US branch of the Surreal Institute. Although we are still withholding cooperation from the institute as a whole we can publish this anonymous missive. While negotiations with the tiny lizard people continue we will publish a selection of the reports which we are sent, rather than our own take on the information we receive. Report follows.

A temporal discrepancy has manifested in the middle of Rosecrans Avenue, in the heart of Compton, California. A distortion in space, hazy, shaped into a ring. It has since been confirmed to be a portal, capable of sending whatever goes through the space defined within the ring back to an indeterminate period in time.

Very little is known about the portal itself, colloquially referred to as the ‘S.O.C.’ Attempts to approach it, despite its very public location, the parking lot of a fast food institution known as Fatburger, have been met with extreme hostility. The Pirus and Compton Crips have both claimed the location as their own territory since the portal’s discovery, and the war over the portal has yet to cease to this day. Third parties, especially police officers and those associated with the LAPD, have had no success with their attempts to learn more about the portal. That, of course, includes those within our organization, the Surreal Institute.

For both gangs, it seems the only credentials required to approach the portal is to either be a ‘real nigga’ or to not be a ‘fake bitch.’

However, talking with locals who are affiliated with members of both gangs have yielded some information, albeit limited. No one who has been through the portal themselves were available for comment.

Two individuals have been identified as those who have intimate knowledge of the portal and its inner workings, to the point of utilizing it for their own personal gain. ‘Big Buddy’ of the Pirus, and ‘Peach’ of the Compton Crips, are the only ones who have been through the portal more than ten times, and are still in healthy condition. Among the different gangs, it has become ill-advised for anyone other than the aforementioned individuals to use the portal, as over time, more than half of those who go through do not make themselves known. It is believed that they might have been taken back too far, to a time period in which they would already be dead in the present. Why Big Buddy and Peach have not suffered this fate is still not known, and any attempt to reach them for further information have been met with extreme hostility.

If there is anyone who has survived a trip through the portal, and subsequently through time itself, please do not be afraid to contact us about your findings, and any information about the nature of the portal.

This was a guest post from Nippoten, author of Entirely Presenting You. Check out their site for more!

If you enjoy the story please leave the author a comment, as this makes him very happy. You can also help the Archive find more helpful reports from concerned researchers by voting at Top Web Fiction. We drift on and off the bottom of the Top Web Fiction list, so a vote each week does wonders for our visibility!


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