A nappy bag was discovered to have BOTITIIOTO Syndrome (Bigger On The Inside Than It Is On The Outside) after a mother exclaimed about how useful it was to be able to carry everything she needed so easily. The nappy bag has been taken away for further study, leaving the mother devastated, although she was given a non-spatially-variant replacement. Also returned to her from the bag were seventeen changes of clothes (sized from newborn to one year), eight nappies, fourty seven dirty nappies in plastic bags, twelve packs of wipes, three change mats, two makeup bags, a spare set of house keys, two mobile phone chargers, an ipad, six novels, two litres of spare change, three empty water bottles and uncounted food wrappers.

With the contents around the opening removed researchers were able to explore the area inside the bag. Early reports suggest that they have made contact with a group of tiny sentient lizard-people who inhabit a series of pockets at the base of the bag. The lizard people have a non-technological economy which seems to be based largely on found items, although they have plenty of stone tools and effects apparently quarried from somewhere inside the bag.

Further research is ongoing, although the lead researcher was quick to reassure us that there is no evidence this is related to Mrs. Brown’s Handbag.


In other news a yoga teacher in London accidentally achieved enlightenment while teaching an “Asanas and Americanas” morning class. She reportedly looked up at her students and said, with wide eyes, “You’re all a bunch of tossers who have no idea what this is all about, aren’t you?”

One of the yoga students was similarly enlightened by this phrase. The two of them stood up, poured their coffees over their yoga mats and walked happily out of the building. The teacher gently took hold of a passing cloud and was whisked away by a strong wind, while the student stood perfectly still for several minutes until a flock of small birds carried him away. Neither has been seen since. The rest of the class demanded refunds for their lesson.

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