Invasion Fleet Diverted

An alien invasion fleet was discovered over the weekend and successfully diverted due to some foresighted community members.

They flew this way from the next spiral arm counter to the Milky Way’s rotation and came worryingly close to our planet. Indeed, they actually came close enough to find the Voyager 1 spacecraft some 137 AUs from Earth. This is a cat’s whisker in terms of galactic travel, but luckily some enterprising community members who knew that unpleasant aliens were likely to be the first to find the Voyager managed to modify the message it carries to make it appear that it did not come from Earth.

Instead the aliens were convinced to travel two systems over, where there is an introverted, yet highly advanced machine intelligence which does not like to be bothered. It is possible that in the future this intelligence will take its collective head out from its own singularity and realise that we are the species that has been sending them the unwanted visitors. This is a risk worth taking however, as without this diversion the Earth would have been conquered three times over to date. No invasion fleet has yet been able to overcome the machine intelligence, and we are confident that this one will not either.

The design of the invasion fleet suggests that the aliens are biological (or of similar composition, ie. Solid bodies which require an atmosphere) and with seventh order rotational symmetry. While it’s no guarantee that they are unfriendly each of their 21 gigantic vessels was marked by combat damage and they have headed straight for the solar system which they believe to contain the human race.

Other methods of deflection include the non-technological deflection of the world’s entire range of electro-magnetic emissions (which would otherwise be a dead giveaway) and a dampening of paranatural orphic residues.

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7 thoughts on “Invasion Fleet Diverted

  1. I presume that we are entirely capable of destroying or reclaiming the voyager and thus ensuring no alien life finds it. Seeing as we have done neither I take it that it contains something we don’t want near earth and that we don’t want destroyed. Does the archive have any information on this it’s willing to share?


    • An interesting theory. While certain entities may be capable of removing the spacecraft, mundane scientists are still in radio contact with the Voyager and may be moved to suspicion if it suddenly stops reporting. Those pushing to destroy the Voyager can easily wait at least another decade for the instruments to shut down naturally. Alternatively, I would make the argument that misinformation is more effective than no information when it comes to diverting interplanetary dangers, so it should not be removed or destroyed in any case.


      • I see, this make me sleep marginally better at night. The local community over here is mainly focussed on the stars and we’ve been having discussions on the subject of space travel, I’ll mention your stance on the subject. Which will probably lead us to talk about the machine intelligence.

        Barring any… unusual(heh) circumstances, I will probably not in anyway be affected by it, still though, I worry about humanity in the future. Is there any discussion within the community or any plan whatsoever on how to deal with it? Would it perhaps not be better to contact it now that we’ve only sent three invasion fleets its way instead of thousands? There’s the risk you spoke of, but at some point it’s gonna find out.


      • There is always discussion on this issue, but I for one am not in favour of contact in case it considers humanity to be too close and decides to exterminate us.



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