Black Knight Discovered in Unlikely Place

A new instance of a Black Knight has been found. As ever with Black Knights, a male figure in concealing black armour stands guard over a specific site, keeping the curious out and challenging passers by to leave or fight in an archaic dialect. This Black Knight is unique for being in America, far from the usual chivalric sources of knights. He is hidden away in northern Michigan, where he claims to be guarding a site of religious pilgrimage.

The site is unrecorded in any stories or religious traditions, but according to the Knight is where Saint Paul rested after being snatched away to the Americas by a cursed pillow. After resting the saint performed the Miracle of the Linting Birds, a likewise unknown miracle. The Knight does not know how Saint Paul would have returned from the Americas, nor does he have any inkling of world events after the mid-13th century. If this is true he has been standing there for a very long time.

Weakening his claim to veracity, the Knight gives his name as Godfrey Cleave-Handed of Issington, a knight who almost certainly did not exist. Investigations into dimensional crossover have been suggested, with other possibilities including conspiracies, time travel, elves, burrundi, and the least likely being a spectacularly convincing fraud.

An unusual type of paranormal activist who will be interested in this discovery is the Good Knight Holiday Club. They are a group of duelling and Historical European Martial Arts enthusiasts who travel around the world defeating Black Knights and thus relieving them of their vigils. They then take in the warriors, show them around the world, bring them up to speed on what they have missed and generally entertain them until the knight is ready to take up his post. The rested Black Knight can then return to his place and defeat the club member who has been guarding his post, gaining the guardianship once again. The Good Knight Holiday Club have become extremely adept at duels against heavily armoured opponents, and are rarely even slightly injured in the process. This is despite facing opponents who have centuries of experience with the sword. Techniques learned from the Black Knights occasionally filter back to the mundane HEMA movement, who are often keen to enhance their historical accuracy.



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