J- T- Censured

A number of organisations in the community have agreed to censure J- T- and his Surreal Institute for two months by withdrawing cooperation. This includes the Archive of Unusual Events. We strongly recommend that any other community members that wish to demonstrate their displeasure at this breach of the regulations around time travel do likewise.

Time travel is limited for a very good reason. It is entirely possible that treading on the wrong beetle could cause the extinction – or rather the pre-extinction – of humanity. Of course the traveller then wouldn’t exist in order to cause their own non-existence, thus setting up an infinite loop which messes up the timelines for everyone and annoys the wibbly bits off those organisms which prefer the fourth dimension. Our dimensions do not exist in a political vacuum and if we need to have our entire universe shunted kata-ways for a week to avoid the gaze of a hungry elder god we do need these beings on board.

As our community operates beneath the notice of mundane society it has developed a culture of favours, exchanges, and so on. Often a kind of information-based barter, rather than direct monetary transfer (which would have been difficult to explain when community members were citizens of warring countries in ages past). J- T- represents in many ways the failure of this system in the modern age, as he is someone with great mundane resources which he has used to gain access, knowledge and prestige (or at least notoriety) in the community.

His Surreal Institute provides research with equipment and funding, and only limits them in that they cannot keep the results of their research a secret. Generally this is a great thing, it can’t fairly be called buying a seat at the table, because the results of this research have started to have beneficial results, witness the use of Orphic residue tracking to locate Mrs. Brown’s Handbag. On the other well-manicured hand, there are a great number of facts, theories and results which should – must! –  be kept secret or risk the general disintegration of our reality, exposure of the mundane world to cognitive or physical dissonance and other outcomes too terrible to consider. And due to his great wealth and patronage of researchers we suddenly have to trust one wealthy man with determining which knowledge can be shared ahead of time. Moreover, a wealthy man who has already showed questionable judgement such as awarding himself an honorary doctorate, and importing foreign and extinct species into Australia. Hopefully J- T- will have the humility to learn his lesson, but let’s not put off any holiday plans to wait for it.

If you enjoy the story please leave the author a comment, as this makes him very happy. You can also help the Archive reign in difficult billionaires by voting at Top Web Fiction. We drift on and off the bottom of the Top Web Fiction list, so a vote each week does wonders for our visibility!



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