A Lethal Sculpture Garden

A number of tourists of the super-mundane have already been to the area of the horrendous train structure. How they find these sites so quickly is almost as far beyond me as why they would want to visit the meat-covered crater in the first place, but I suppose they have their ways. We tried to keep a lid on this behaviour by keeping the exact location a secret, but that clearly hasn’t worked.

Super-mundane tourism is incredibly dangerous, but has a certain cachet in some groups and societies. For example, we don’t understand yet why or how people were trapped into thinking they were in a train, nor whether we actually destroyed the mechanism or if it can rebuild, so those visiting are taking their limbs and lives into their own hands. And yet they have their uses. A number of other bizarre structures have been spotted in the surrounding area and can now, hopefully, be studied rather than detonated.

One group of tourists from France, for example, report a gigantic red kangaroo head emerging straight from the ground and staring towards the sky. It called to them in a booming voice, in a language that they didn’t recognise, and they felt a powerful urge to approach. Fortunately they left it well alone.

Another group encountered a pure white cherry tree, placed incongruously in the middle of the Australian native forest. The bark, leaves and fruit were all pristine white. This group was not so clever and ate some of the fruit, they are now also pristine white, from the tips of their hair to the clothes they were wearing. They are currently seeking treatment.

The biological nature of each of these phenomena suggests that they are linked. The cherry tree suggests that they are not native to the area, but have been placed there, perhaps as some kind of lethal sculpture garden. Sadly any creators did not leave notes on their art.

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