A Mysterious Train

Community volunteers, searching for the Surreal Institute’s missing Dromaeosaur, have reported finding an unusual train in the middle of nowhere. The train is in the middle of the forest, on a track that is quickly lost to view through the trees. It does not show up on any official records or satellite photographs, and although it is clearly a very train-like train it does not conform to any known make or model. There are no powerlines for electric power, but equally no obvious fuel type for the engine, and the seven carriages are modern, with comfortable passenger seats.

All the witnesses emphasised what an interesting and comfortable train this is. They plan to use it as a base while they search the surrounding area and suggest that any other searchers nearby do so as well. They found several employees of the Surreal Institute who appear to have found it a couple of days earlier and had broken off their search to have a rest in the seats. We don’t recommend intruding on the property of unknown people or organisations, especially if you have your own tent, community volunteers should remember their search training and be respectful of others’ property.


In Chile, witnesses report that a radio controlled aeroplane hobbyist was found at an airport and torn apart by the mechawasp swarm. Apparently it was quite gruesome to behold, as sharp tiny saws cut through the unit’s rubber face, exposing actuators and other mechanisms used to give it facial expressions. The wasps rapidly tore these out, and burrowed in through the face as the unit attempted to run away, before it eventually collapsed into a twitching mass of rubber and wasps. One bystander attempted to record the event, but was spotted by the wasp swarm and had to throw his phone to distract them and run.

Although very mysterious the radio controlled aeroplane hobbyists have helped us in the past, so although we cannot know if it means anything to them we offer our condolences for their loss.

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