Escaped Cryptid Revealed As Dromaeosaur

The Surreal Institute has failed to recapture the large feathered animal that escaped their facility last week. On the other hand, J- T- has finally been shamed into revealing the identity of the animal: it is a large dromaeosaur, species unknown but related to the famous velociraptor. So just to recap: The Surreal Institute appear to have been messing with time travel, they have collected a large predatory dinosaur (ignoring the butterfly effect that could have wiped our entire species out before we ever existed). They then managed to lose said predatory dinosaur and let it loose into Australia, but didn’t tell anybody. When confronted with the fact that something escaped they still stalled for a week before deigning to tell us what it was.

If this was a real institution its funding would be under scrutiny and its director fired. Since the Surreal Institute is essentially a rich man’s play toy it’s not clear what censure we can bring to bear, but our community can’t allow this kind of incompetence and disregard for others to continue unchecked.

A more immediate problem is how to find a single dinosaur (and oh my goodness, it had better be a single dinosaur) in a large Australian forest. A number of behavioural palaeontologists have been contacted (not by the Institute I might add, who seem to have a constitutional aversion to outside expertise) and are apparently salivating at the thought of getting information on how the animal moves, hunts and so on. They aren’t, however, volunteering to track a large predator lost in unfamiliar territory.

Any community members with woodland tracking or big game hunting experience should contact us at the usual address. J- T- has requested that the dinosaur be tranquilised and captured unharmed, but we aren’t going to ask anyone to put themselves at risk for someone else’s mad science project.

If you enjoy the story please leave the author a comment, as this makes him very happy. You can also help the Archive find a dinosaur hunter by voting at Top Web Fiction.


2 thoughts on “Escaped Cryptid Revealed As Dromaeosaur

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