Escaped Mystery

The panic at J- T-‘s Surreal Institute campus appears to have been due to the escape of a large, feathered animal of some sort, which escaped after violently tearing a hole in the chain link fence. It ran off into a local woodland and has yet to be found despite a large scale search.

The Institute has yet to confirm what manner of animal it is, leading to wild speculation ranging from a mutant emu to Quetzalcoatl. It is hoped by all of us that even J- T- wouldn’t have the sheer arrogance to summon an incarnation of the Aztec god of winds and knowledge, or even one of his winged serpent children, but that remains a hope rather than a certainty.

Even a lesser winged serpent is a hyper-intelligent, wind-controlling, proud creature with little interest in the day to day affairs of humans, such as whether they survive the hurricane he might bring down in a fit of rage. They aren’t literally serpents, being vaguely humanoid, but they do have a mixture of feathers, wings and reptilian features like large sharp teeth.

This is the second time J- T- has been found messing around – poorly – with cryptids in Australia. Perhaps he should do his experimentation somewhere less likely to induce an environmental catastrophe, like a secret volcano lair somewhere in the ocean.

Volunteers from the local community have already offered their help in finding this creature, but have been knocked back. It seems the Institute is hoping to clean up their mess before it is revealed exactly what that mess is. It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, and neither does the body armour worn by their private search force.


NOTE: J- T- has called to show his displeasure at being compared to a Bond villain. I suggested that if he was attacked by an international super spy it was much more likely to be Austin Powers given the levels of farce involved. It’s safe to say he didn’t take this criticism well.

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