Worries and Reassurances

I recently received an email from a reader who is concerned about the Watchers In The Trees staring in his windows all night. It was a throwaway comment on my part – that this was one of the prices of knowledge – so I’m sorry for anyone who had not previously put two and two together and realised that it equals being stared at constantly after dark by shadowy arboreal figures. Really though there is nothing to worry about. Humans are never truly alone. Between the trillions of gut bacteria, the arthropods that live in your eyelashes and sebaceous glands, various parasites and the ghosts of your ancestors looking over your shoulder loneliness is an illusion. So what’s one more creature in your periphery?

It’s true that the numbers of the Watchers seem to be increasing, although they may just be becoming more concentrated as continuing deforestation reduces the number of trees for them to sit in. But there is no evidence of them being dangerous, with the possible exception of the death of Augustus P-, and that has yet to be determined either way. So draw your curtains, lock your windows if you think it will help and sleep soundly.

J- T-‘s Institute in Australia has been placed on lockdown. There are no details yet of what is going on, but given the source it can’t be good. There are alarms, and plenty of armed guards running around. Frankly, some of us are wondering if he’s finally taken the biscuit and gone full supervillain. Let’s face it, there’s only a couple of steps between “rich eccentric meddling with powers men are not meant to ken” and “evil overlord in an unnecessary black cape gloating on a tower of spikes”.

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