The Silent Children

An old lady in Melbourne has been forced to evacuate her home after signs of the Silent Children were found. She was saved only by luck, after she mentioned a strange footprint she found to a neighbour who happens to be part of the community. Fortunately this neighbour acted quickly and the lady is alive and well, although deeply saddened by the loss of her home and possessions.

The Silent Children are possibly the best argument that exists against having a clean home. The only warning of their presence that you will receive is a tiny footprint with too many toes in a dusty part of your floor, such as behind a door that is always propped open and never vacuumed behind. The footprints may be under furniture or in spaces otherwise too small for anyone to stand in and are always singular.

They were originally called “the silent, invisible, murderous children with mutated feet”, and were discovered and named by Doctor Beauregard of Victorian-era Hull. Beauregard is famous as the founder of Hull Parascience, originally called “The Learned Hull Society of Investigation for Paranormal Sciences and Aberrant Events By Which We May Further Understand This Singular Creation, ie. The World.” Although his descriptive powers were well developed he was not good at names.

We do not yet know what kind of creature the Children are. It has been proven by mediums that they are not spirits or ghosts, although as no one has ever seen one it may be that they are incorporeal. And yet there are the footprints. Based on a couple of cases with known cleaning dates the upper bound between a footprint being left and the death of all occupants of the house is four months. The symptoms of death in each case point to a stroke, although with the caveat that the victims are always awake and out of bed at the time.

After the occupants of a house have been killed the house will once again be safe and the Silent Children appear to move on. In cases such as this one where the occupants are evacuated before any killing occurs the threat remains indefinitely, like an invisible unexploded bomb. The only safe option is to demolish the house and start again.

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2 thoughts on “The Silent Children

  1. “The only safe option is to demolish the house and start again”

    Surely you can fumagate, I mean if it works on roaches and other pests, poison should work on them if theyre living…

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s been tried, with no success. Rumour reports that a house in Japan connected with Aum Shinrikyo was even fumigated with sarin nerve gas, but the two occupants were found dead three weeks later.

      It may be that there is some toxin that would work, but when the only way to test if it works is to move back in and see you die the research is uncomfortably like playing Russian roulette.

      Finally, just because they are not spirits does not necessarily mean they are alive.



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