Why We Keep Secrets

After all the excitement recently we are slowly returning to normal operations. The ectoplasm is being cleared out of the server room and I am starting to notice different shades of blue/purple once again. We are carefully reconnecting everything digital (and checking for dormant e-bibliophantoms), the staff here are looking forwards to having internet access at work again and… seriously S-? Checking Facebook? After everything we just went through? Unbelievable.

The leaders of the unnamed god’s cult have received rather stern, personal visits from the library god Carrafon. The cult will be shut down and you can expect to see a few high-level resignations among the big-data technology companies in the upcoming weeks. Don’t feel too bad for them, as they all contributed to dangerous meddling with the Archive. We can forgive them, but we won’t forget. They will also find their library cards have been revoked. I’m still trying to determine whether Carrafon is incredibly petty or just has a bizarre sense of library-based humour.

At this point I felt it would be appropriate to remind everyone of the Archive Of Unusual Events’ charter and purpose. To discuss why we keep the super-mundane a secret from so many and yet share our information so freely among those who already know.

Remember that knowledge has a price. It is our moral duty to make sure that people do not pay that price by accident. That price could be as mild as lack of sleep, because you are now aware that The Watchers In The Trees are looking into your window all night (as they look into all our windows). Or it could be the unfriendly attentions of a newborn deity looking to impose their will upon the world. Few are as prepared as the Archive to survive such attentions.

We don’t keep everyone out however. Those with good reasons and a little determination will always find their way to knowledge and our little community, and when they do the Archive will be there for them. After all, my dear subhistorians, you are here.

If you enjoy the story please leave the author a comment, as this makes him very happy. You can also help the Archive keep secrets by voting at Top Web Fiction.


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