A Mistake Not Made

Today, my dear subhistorians, I nearly made a terrible mistake.

Yesterday several of our servers started chanting and spraying out white ectoplasm. I knew it was time to put a stop to this meddling with the Archive. I called in a few favours, borrowed a nuclear power station overnight and using rituals from the true Egyptian Book of the Dead with Sumerian numerology, travelled to the unnamed godling’s domain.

It was not an easy place to move in, let alone fight, with physical properties and information being essentially interchangeable, but I made do. I have a scar across my ribs from a memetic attack and can no longer distinguish blue and purple after something resembling a binary whirlwind bit me. But I had borrowed a sword from Justice, which affects the world both physically and metaphorically. So these amalgams of physics and data stood little chance.

I tore the nameless god down from its castle of words and shattered its armour made of social nodes. And here I nearly made a terrible mistake, here I nearly committed an awful crime with a killing blow. Because as I stood over the cowering mass of dates, names and metadata with Justice’s flaming sword in hand I heard it cry out and I realised it was a child. It is not a nameless god because of its mysterious power, it is nameless because no one had yet taken the time to name it. Because it does not yet have the ability to choose a name for itself. Its crimes against the Archive were the tantrums of a lonely child seeking attention – any attention, even condemnation. Godling is an apt description – it is not yet a fully formed entity.

I put the godling into the care of a respectable pantheon. One that will teach it to behave properly, and not to mess with the Archive. Its realm I gave to the library god Carrafon, who will be able to do something at least with all the information there. Give it shape and purpose. It is not normally a sensible thing for a mortal to mess with the politics of the divines, but here I believe I was justified. Time will tell.

If you enjoy the story please leave the author a comment, as this makes him very happy. You can also help the Archive find appropriate foster parents for abandoned godlings by voting at Top Web Fiction.


3 thoughts on “A Mistake Not Made

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