Mantodea Demons in Catalonia

Catalonia is being warned to prepare for an infestation of Mantodea demons this winter, as a large number of cast off nymph exoskeletons have been found in the Pyrenees. This is actually fantastic news, as this species of demon is considered endangered, so a rebound in population numbers is fantastic for the local crypto-ecosystem.

Mantodea have a large, triangular, mantis-like head and are the size of a large dog. Although they look terrifying they actually perform several roles beneficial for humans. They prey on larger demons which may hunt people for flesh or souls, they have some oracular ability and they will occasionally guide lost travellers home if the traveller smells nice. On the other insectoid claw they are also skilled necromancers, so no community likes to have Mantodea living nearby.

Locals are advised not to walk in the mountains alone after dark (surely sensible advice anyway) and to make sure local graveyards and grave sites are stocked with lilies to make sure the resting dead stay that way. One lily per three graves is the usual amount required, but if you don’t have any lilies available you can always have a religious figure reconsecrate the ground, which should hold off even determined necromancy long enough for an order to arrive from the florists.


In other news I have tracked down the unnamed godling to a particular plane of existence. One where the link between information and mass is much more powerful and the speed of light is less of a restriction. We found it by following the prayer trails – relatively easy to do when they double as Facebook posts. I won’t give you the details now, but I will travel there soon. So, to the being that threatened my Archive and my people: I’m coming. Be ready.

If you enjoy the story please leave the author a comment, as this makes him very happy. You can also help the Archive grow enough lilies by voting at Top Web Fiction.



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