The Information Cult Spreads

The cult of the information god that threatened the archive has been found spreading worldwide, with large cells discovered in India, Japan, Belarus and Ireland. It has been hypothesised that Silicon Valley is the centre of this religion, but not proven.

These “data-gnostics” take as a fundamental principle that all information should be available to anyone, and seek to reveal private information to the world at large. The basic requirement for entry into the cult seems to be that you release all of your personal information. They seem a little hypocritical in that I’ve not seen any of their bank account numbers and passwords, but they do have completely unrestricted privacy settings – and some amount of oversharing – on their social media accounts.

Some have been working on releasing information for a long time, suggesting that the cult has been slowly metastasising behind the scenes for a while. Among their number are Wikipedia editors, tech company executives and perhaps even several famous whistle-blowers. Some of their actions seem laudable, but others are posting social security numbers to shady internet forums and releasing the name and addresses of their perceived enemies.

The Archive has been affected – we have had to remove the digital archives from the internet, as an increasing number of attacks were coming in, seeking to discover our stores of knowledge. This has slowed down our recovery operations considerably, as all replacement records are now being entered by hand, but it is a necessary pain. Guarding our secrets well has always been a primary function of the Archive.

It seems that many of the disciples do not realise that they are acting within a religious cult. Even those that do talk about “the Unnamed God”, suggesting that they still know little more than we do about their mysterious deity. As they release all of their information onto the internet it has been easy to access the cult’s records, but finding useful information amid the flood of trivia has been challenging to say the least. I have given that task to two disciples of Carrafon, and hope that they can organise the data more effectively.

If you enjoy the story please leave the author a comment, as this makes him very happy. You can also help the Archive infiltrate this dastardly cult by voting at Top Web Fiction.


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