Defining A God

After the threats of Wednesday the Archive has received a heartening wash of support and help from the community. We would like to thank everyone who contacted us with offers of help, sympathy and suggestions for who to sacrifice to drive away the as-yet unnamed godling who threatened us.

In particular, a savvy librarian visiting a certain internet media giant’s headquarters has reported seeing the f/g/illuminati symbol of this upstart deity. It was hanging around the neck of a member of the management team, suggesting that the cult has penetrated deeply into their staff.

Here are the facts we know:

  • It claims to have sent the water which destroyed the original analogue Archive.
  • It claims to have sent the electronic bibliophantom which caused us such trouble as a “messenger”. The bibliophantom was obsessed with freedom of information, free speech and so on.
  • It may have arranged for the infestation of dwarves (I can’t think of any other “vermin”).
  • It talks about freedom of information, databanks, an open and connected world.

Putting the facts we have received this far together we can make some suppositions about the new god:

  • It seems likely that this was the new god the wind asked me to write about. So here I can finally fulfil the wind’s request.
  • Although it is not entirely clear, this seems to be a god of information, of social networks and big data. Of hashtags, tweets and likes. All the tiny, insignificant facts about ourselves that we throw out into the world wide web as if they were valueless. And perhaps they are, singly. So this god is of aggregation, the logical end point of data mining and profile building.
  • Its cult is spreading, doubtless it is thick through Silicon Valley and various tech firms already.
  • It is young, if it has even been born yet. Deities like this one are a little difficult to talk about in terms of time. They exist in such a diffuse way that their actions are themselves diffused temporally. It becomes meaningless to ask whether they are created by the beginning of the cult that sustains them, because they often influence their own birth, coming into existence in a tautological impossibility. In layman’s terms: it’s best not to worry about it too much, because if you think you understand, you don’t.

The problem so defined, we can start to think about how to defend ourselves from future interference by this troublemaker, and how to put it in its place. Send your recommendations to the usual place.

If you enjoy the story please leave the author a comment, as this makes him very happy. You can also help the Archive hatch more bullet points by voting at Top Web Fiction.



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