Portents And Unicorn Flowers

I have been making a thorough study of the signs and portents for the Archive. 2016 has been a rough year for us, with disasters, problems and annoyances cropping up regularly. The signs suggest that the rest of the year will not be easy either, even the clouds showed an angry dragon and a large X, although that could as easily have been a happy elephant and the location of buried treasure for all I know. After a certain point, one starts to wonder whether it is all random or whether there is something more sinister going on. Generally, enemies of the community focus on the more active members who actually carry out the thwarting and protecting duties, leaving those of us who report and record alone, but you can’t keep a good library without upsetting the termites.

There has been no breakthroughs in terms of the new deity the wind asked about, either. It has not escaped my notice that the birth of deities is often accompanied by natural disasters, plagues, and so on, but the disasters are usually related to the domain of that deity. A new archive or library-based deity would surely have emerged years ago during the golden age of libraries rather than now, and in fact they did: Carrafon, whose domain is quiet spaces, the Dewey system and learning. I don’t partake myself, but there is a small shrine in the Archive visited by a few of us, with a library of prayers catalogued by topic and high-grade acoustic mufflers on the walls.

In other news, a parasitic plant has been found infecting unicorn herds in Russian forests. It has caused a decreased birth rate among these already rare creatures, as it grows in and damages the horn necessary for their mating rituals. Unfortunately it is very difficult to detect the infection as the plant grows almost invisibly inside the horn, showing only when it produces a small blue flower on the tip of the horn in spring. By this point the horn is hollow and could snap at the lightest impact. The flower is apparently very beautiful, which attracts other unicorns into the area, making them more likely to be infected when the plant releases its seeds a day later. Efforts are being made to crack down on unicorn smugglers in case this diseases spreads to other herds.

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