Request From The Wind

Today the wind called my name, my original name. It has been a long time since anyone called me anything other than “Archivist”. When the wind speaks you might expect a whisper, a gentle susurration, but the wind does not speak like that. The wind moans and howls its words and you suddenly remember that this is a primal force that topples buildings and wears away mountains as the voice steals the air from your lungs and makes your bones judder and creak. When the wind speaks you listen. I listened. The wind is polite, which is perhaps surprising given my description of its voice. The wind can afford to be polite. The wind kindly requested that I write about the new god.

Unfortunately I do not know anything about a new god. Even the term god is loose and unclear, covering a range of non-corporeal entities, although as a primal force itself I am sure that the wind knows what it is talking about.

Various entities have been described as gods and the only real commonality they possess is that they are worshipped by at least one other (usually less powerful) being. Gods can be spirits, small or grand, ascended animals or humans, ancestors, emergent properties of humanity’s (sub)conscious minds or aspects of reality. These entities can be responsive to worship or ignore it completely, they can compete with each other for more power and/or worshippers or just focus on their own path. Aspects of war and warrior gods were extremely powerful early last century for example, but as war falls out of favour in the modern age so do the war gods, although they are still mostly forces to be reckoned with. We will see if this trend continues to become a permanent part of the world’s condition or whether it is merely another turn of the wheel.

Given these multiple types of god, it is no surprise that there are many paths by which a new one may arise. Which also means that we cannot know where to watch. We can only wait, and wonder why the wind would be interested.


In other news the Oslo bibliophantom has been corralled and isolated from the rest of their collection. It was found passing through a cook book when a volunteer spotted the title had changed to “Mother Hates Cooking (for you)”, and on opening the book contained a recipe for raspberry just leave tea. The phantom was finally trapped in the famous self-help book How To Win Friends And Influence People, now titled as “How Your Friends Hate You And Influence People”, with chapters on why you’re a bad listener, how people find you genuinely uninteresting and how your smile seems fake and insincere to others. It is currently trapped within a thick cloth bag inside a safe with all the text and branding filed off. A number of institutions of applied to the Oslo Public Library with requests to study the entity, but no decision has yet been made.


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6 thoughts on “Request From The Wind

  1. Interesting.

    Also, a typo:

    “filed off, a number of institutions of applied to the Oslo Public Library…”


    “filed off. A number of institutions have applied to the Oslo Public Library…”


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