Unpleasant Bibliophantom In Oslo Library

Some clever individual has sent a bibliophantom to the Oslo Public Library. It was clearly done on purpose and rest assured that when the individual responsible is found they will be billed for the hundreds or thousands of hours it takes to extract the entity.

Bibliophantoms are paranatural entites which live exclusively in the pages of printed books and magazines. They have no physical form, existing instead somewhere between the physical shape of the letters and the concepts that each word represents.

Bibliophantams interact with the reader by changing what you read. It could be considered a form of hallucination, as the reader will see words and messages not normally found within the text. Each phantom has its own core concept which it tries to impart to the reader, for example the righteousness of Catholicism or the advantages of murdering your neighbour. There is no clear pattern behind the concepts they represent, but each is an emotive topic. They are especially dangerous to those susceptible to their influence, as they will tailor their message to each individual’s paranoia, entitlement, sense of persecution, delusions of grandeur or so on.

Some speculate that bibliophantoms are memes given life, although I am sure Richard Dawkins would not approve of this interpretation. Another hypothesis is that they are created purposely, like a propaganda golem, by certain organisations or individuals. There is no widely known method for their creation however, despite widespread interest, so any organisations or literary warlocks would need to have uncommon secret keeping abilities and well-developed defences against scrying. Their destruction on the other hand is fairly straightforward, if difficult. Although they can spread quickly between printed pages bibliophantoms can only do so within lines of sight. If you can isolate the book it is contained within, and destroy it completely, you will in turn destroy the entity. This is harder than it sounds as although not intelligent in the way we would understand it, they do have a certain amount of cunning when it comes to their purposes of making convincing hallucinations and avoiding capture.

The specific entity sent to Oslo was at least an English-language bibliophantom, which restricts the amount of volumes available for it to hide in in Norway. An unpleasant little specimen, it spreads the message that your coworkers and family all secretly hate you and would be better off if you just went away. This may seem like a joke to whoever sent it, but the consequences of this message to the wrong person could be severe. The library is accepting volunteers for tracking it down and requests that you bring your own salt for warding circles* and leave any documents, money or keyrings with words on in your vehicle or at home.


*Archivist’s note: warding circles are not proven to work in these circumstances but we don’t tell the libraries what to do and they don’t tell us what to archive.


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4 thoughts on “Unpleasant Bibliophantom In Oslo Library

  1. I just finished reading through the archive and wish to thank you for bringing such information to my attention. It certainly clarifies much of what’s missing in the broader media. Thank you for plugging the gaps!


    • I’m glad to hear we are of use!

      As you are now aware of the extra mundane, welcome to the community. Please keep yourself abreast of any unusual events in your area and stay safe.

      Unusual sight seeing is encouraged within announced safety guidelines.


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