A missing day

Today I found the entry I apparently wrote on Wednesday. I have no memory of any apocalyptic event and received only strange looks from other Archive staff when I asked. As far as I do remember I had a normal day of studying the extra mundane and wrote a post on a topic I do not remember.

The events listed could not have occurred. There are less than 87 known oracles and the chief Archivist categorically does not have access to a secret oracle. The clouds are where they always are and the last few dwarves are still skulking around the server room. And yet it does not feel like a prank.

I do not like the helpless tone. I do not like the mindless terror present in what is undeniably my own style of writing. If this report is true then I do not like that none of us remember what danger we were saved from. Or were we even saved? If something was taken from us all, would we even know? Could we miss what we cannot remember?

I feel empty, or perhaps confused.


4 thoughts on “A missing day

    • Sounds like you have some experience with synthetic temporal construction. This hypothesis does account for both the discrepancies and the apparent global amnesia but then raises a whole new barrel of questions.



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