Cryptid smuggling

A package for J- T-‘s Surreal Institute was intercepted this morning after it came to attention that they had attempted to bring pinchfrogs into Australia. Ostensibly for research purposes. Pinchfrogs are a common invisible cryptid and an unpleasant nuisance, as they regularly climb onto and nip warm-blooded animals. You may have experienced this yourself as a sudden sharp pain with no obvious cause. Although on the other hand they do keep down the number of house spiders.

They are native to every continent except Australia, although they have been found there now in every major city as invasive pests. Efforts are being made to prevent the pinchfrogs from moving out of the cities and disrupting the wider ecosystems there, as Australia already has enough trouble with cane toads, foxes, cats, house borers and other imported species. They are assumed to be amphibious (as the name suggests) but as no one has ever seen one this is mostly based on body structure and tactile feedback.

The question of why J- T- or the researchers he employs would want to bring more of this species into Australia has not been satisfactorily answered. Indeed the Surreal Institute’s already questionable reputation took a hit recently for advocating experimenting on cryptids without reference to the ethical guidelines established by mainstream science. Just because most people do not know or believe that these animals exist is no excuse for treating them poorly.


EDIT: Dear J- T-, using these animals for an invisibility potion is ridiculous. Do you believe that eating ground up keratin from animals with phallic-shaped horns will cure erectile dysfunction too? If you wish to become invisible just wear a jackalope jacket like every other sensible person.


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