New Predatory City in Northern India

The loss of several lives in Faridabad, in northern India, has been traced to a new incidence of a predatory city. Faridabad appears to fall into the common, carnivorous-plant-like type 1 category, as it has budded several new underground rail stations and building sites. These serve like the traps of a pitcher plant, enticing organisms – often people – to enter and become trapped and digested. Naturally a city is not interested in organic matter, instead leaching out much of the calcium from muscles and bones. This is hard to see without an autopsy, often leading to other causes of death being mistakenly attributed when the corpses are expelled from the traps.

We are fortunate in discovering this one early. Many of the city’s honey pots are still under formed and unconvincing. The posters are written in barely legible Hindi, with odd, angular type and refer to people as soft vehicles. Some of the paper looks more like leather and the illustrations use colours apparently at random.

Early investigations into the phenomenon of predatory cities believed the subway feeding tunnels were a separate organism invading the city, however these structures never survived when removed from the “host” city. The more modern theory, first suggested by Dr. F- T- of Hull Parascience, is that this is only the first outer sign of a city incorporating into its own organism under the weight of humanity that it contains. Such cities may, depending on factors yet to be determined, start to become predatory, in extreme cases stripping a once bustling city of all life, as can be seen in China with Kangbashi, often mistakenly reported as a “ghost city” that was never occupied. With careful husbandry however a city can be coaxed away from carnivorism into a symbiotic relationship with its population. Indeed, this is believed to have been the method behind the construction of the first subway system in London, in 1863. Modern urban planners therefore have over 150 years of experience to draw on when tending their cities.

The new structures in Faridabad will be reported to the local population as new subway works, connecting the various parts of the city where the new lines are sprouting. With time they may even become a functioning public transport system without consuming the passengers.

Subhistorians and sightseers who wish to see the budding structures are requested to stay out of them. Remember that they are specifically evolved to trap you and statistically you are probably not more intelligent than an average member of the human population. This also applies to non-humans. Once trapped there is no one available to save you. Although one researcher has asked us to note that if you do become trapped, please call the Archive if you still retain mobile signal and let us know whether your bones and neurotransmitters start being leached straight away or over a longer period of time.

In other news Mrs. Brown’s Handbag may have been spotted on a flight to Canada. A bag matching the description was reported on an empty seat, but by the time our witness was able to get out of their seat and check the bag had vanished. They were unfortunately prevented by the flight staff from checking every single overhead locker. We commend S- H- for their attempt and remind everyone to keep a look out for this item.



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