Centipede cult discovered in Bad Suderode

Professor F- and her fiancé/assistant discovered a centipede cult in Bad Suderode this weekend, all but confirming that there has been contact between the hidden civilisation there and our surface world.

Following clues including the street layout of the small German village, the placement of street lights, and a code based on which windows in a house were lit the pair discovered a centipede temple. The temple was carefully disguised as an ordinary house, but despite the well-kept front it was clear no one had used the front door in some time. Indeed, the locals that passed the house apparently gazed straight past it.

Having gained access through the rear of the building professor F- discovered it was filled with religious paraphernalia, including a gigantic silver centipede idol nearly 5 metres long. Meanwhile, her fiancé discovered a basement tunnel leading into the depths, along with steam powered drilling equipment. Fortunately the temple was unoccupied at that time.

Having collected evidence of the activities there the pair departed, hopefully without revealing their presence. Although Professor F- admits to having removed an essential part of a ritual device on the grounds that “The wilds of Germany have enough freaky creatures without some idiots summoning giant man-eating centipedes too.”

The professor will present her evidence to certain more aware elements of the German civil service, who should be able to handle defence of their country from this point.


2 thoughts on “Centipede cult discovered in Bad Suderode

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