Bronze Doe Defended By Rangers

Two men have been prevented from entering the Bronze Doe’s hidden reserve by US National Park Rangers. Their names are known to us, but will not be published here. The pair claim to have been trying to see the oracle to find information on a “hidden conspiracy” – although they would not say which, and frankly any conspiracy which is not hidden needs a quick rethink. They were carrying high powered hunting rifles and considerable amounts of ammunition however, which raises the possibility that they wanted to do more than merely talk to the Bronze Doe.  Their gear has been seized and they have been jailed for 30 days on charges of multiple permit violations while an investigation is carried out.

National Park Rangers are often surprisingly well-versed in the paranormal, as they encounter strange and unexplained creatures and events in the less travelled areas of the North American wilderness. They have no formal training in the paranormal, but pass on knowledge where appropriate to those who have shown they can be trusted. Much as we do. The Rangers were essential in setting up the Bronze Doe’s hidden reserve and remain important, keeping it isolated and safe.

The Bronze Doe was created in or around 1967 to house and protect a prophetic entity, a type 2 oracle of unknown name. Although no direct connection has ever been demonstrated the recently deceased Herbert Montagne is believed to have been involved either in the creation of the bronze body, or as a broker between the oracle and the doe’s builder. Montagne was known as a skilled sculptor, although not to the extent that his sculptures could animate. The Bronze Doe is prized as an oracle because as a type 2 her prophecies can be averted, but also because she is unusually clear in her predictions for those she believes have a just cause. Her last prophecy was given in 2013 and lead to the capture of a wyrm tangle near Seattle before major damage occurred.



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