Fae Abductee Returned

A young woman was recovered last night from a Fae barrow near Llangwyfan in Northern Wales.

Emerging at about 6pm on Sunday she gave her name as Frances T-. According to her story, she was invited to a dance at a manor she had never seen before by an attractive, well-spoken young gentleman in July 1926, and having had a lovely evening she was now on her way home. Her footwear had been reduced to a few tatters around her ankles and her feet were hard and calloused. So far so usual where these abductions are concerned, however what is unusual about this case is that the manor house she entered was in Derbyshire, and she exited Faery in Wales.

The usual precautions against changelings were taken: her dinner was cooked in an eggshell and so on, but produced no evidence that Ms T- was anything other than she claims. Efforts have begun to locate any missing persons reports from that time, as well as determine if she has any living relatives who may remember her. Culture shock has yet to set in, but is expected to be quite severe.

This marks the first time someone has been recovered from Faery this decade. Contact with that dimension (or magical land or whichever term the reader prefers) has been decreasing steadily for over 2 centuries. This appears to be linked to the decline in numbers of true Fae barrows, which have been falling into disuse and disrepair. The most convincing argument is that there has been some war, conflict, or change in fashion on their part, which has led to a decrease in their numbers and need for doorways to our world – these have been speculated to serve as a pressure valve in their society. Indeed, the exit of Ms T- in a different barrow to the one she originally entered may be due to a changing alliance or landscape on the other side. Of course, changing alliances may cause a change in landscape, and vice versa.

It is common for barrows to have been used for multiple purposes over the millennia since their creation. One of the distinguishing features of Fae barrows is that it will not have been added to, disturbed by grave robbers and archaeologists or otherwise adulterated despite its age. Such barrows should be avoided by all sensible individuals, and where possible added to the list of potentially active barrows.



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