Radio Controlled Aeroplane Hobbyists

Several radio controlled aeroplane hobbyists were spotted near a Venezuelan airport late last night. Although difficult to distinguish at first sight from normal aeroplane hobbyists close observation reveals that their faces fall into the “uncanny valley” common to androids, and interfering with the radio control signals can cause the hobbyists to go haywire.

Their origin is as yet unknown, however it has been determined through various means that they are unthreatening. The radio controlled hobbyists have observed many airports, noting down flights, aeroplane numbers and sightings, and all the usual information pertinent to that hobby. No harm has come to any of the countries, airports or vehicles so visited.

In 2001 two of the group of plane spotters arrested by the Greek police were radio controlled. It is believed that the arrest may have been an attempt by the Greek government to conduct some industrial espionage of their own by examining the androids. Fortunately the wider community was able to disabuse the Greek authorities of this notion – the general opinion being that any individual or organisation capable of producing such lifelike radio controlled figures is too dangerous to interfere with.

During their “arrest” the radio controlled hobbyists acted identically to their living counterparts, the only distinguishing feature beyond their faces being the “cold and lifeless” feel of their arms according to the arresting officers. Each of the two had a distinct personality.

Ever the note takers, some in the plane spotting community have become radio controlled hobbyist hobbyists, attending plane spotting events with the hope of seeing their mechanical counterparts. We ask any member of this group to please contact the Archivist and assist in rebuilding our records of their locations and interests in case this information becomes vital at a later date.


Archivist’s Note: If readers could please cease sending us notes about the new paper from J- T-‘s Surreal Institute on Adolf Hitler it would be much appreciated. It is comforting to think that he was not a normal human, but all tests, scryings and oracles have confirmed he was indeed human. He was also not influenced by any real occult forces.  It can be challenging to accept the depths which humanity is capable of reaching, but we are, at the end of the day, searching for the truth, however uncomfortable.


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