New Passageway To The Past In USA

A new passageway to the past has been discovered in an American city. This passageway requires travelling by foot through local streets in a particular (and unlikely) route, and emerges into 1881. Day and month will be identical to the point of entry, although the year will only ever be 1881. The precise location will not be revealed in order to protect causality.

It is possible that the pathway is reversible, so the local community is putting out a call for volunteers able to look out for and help reorientate accidental visitors from the past. As always, entry from a leap year into a non-leap year on February 29th must be avoided at all costs.

Unlike Europe the Americans are famously averse to closing local time anomalies, for example by blocking or diverting a part of the route. The debate over whether these passageways should be meddled with continues unabated, and will likely continue until it is determined whether they are natural occurrences, purposeful or otherwise.

It is a singularly disconcerting experience to emerge into another time, as this archivist can attest, and an accidental trip should not be wished upon anyone. We are rebuilding our list of known passageways and request all records be forwarded to the usual address.


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