Pool Of Darkness Forms In Western Australia

A type 3 (water-like) pool of darkness formed near Palmoondoora Creek in the Gibson Desert, West Australia today. In this case it was due to a Shadow Tome coming unacceptably close (within 1400 km) to a feather-slippered cannibal spirit.

Luckily the tome was located quickly and buried in a container of African soil kept locally for this purpose. It was brought into the country by a now thoroughly embarrassed Dr. C-, who believed it to be a fake, and will be returned to Angola as soon as possible.

No casualties were caused, although the base of the pool when returned to normal light was revealed to be covered with the husks of unfortunate insects. This supports the type 3 diagnosis (inimical to life).

Anyone wishing to view a type 3 pool of darkness for themselves should contact the Paranormal Department of UWA to be notified when the book will be unburied and moved. Anyone who cannot find the contact details for the Paranormal Department themselves, or expects them to be listed on Google, is clearly unqualified to witness this event.

The pool will reform at Palmoondoora quickly upon removal of the soil but should not remain for long. Usual precautions should be taken and an observer will be present to ensure no “experimentation” takes place. (The Archivist has been asked to assure J-T- that yes, this applies to your team as well. Certification does not impress anyone if you founded the academy yourself and awarded yourself said qualification.)

Although accidental this event does supply us with more information on the location of at least one surviving feather-slippered spirit, suggesting that mining has yet to push them completely out of their traditional territory.


2 thoughts on “Pool Of Darkness Forms In Western Australia

  1. Will we get a description of feather-slippered spirits later? I do still like the aesthetic of this Archive, but it seems a little odd to have no in-universe glossary, even one presently in construction. Also, I want to know what the ‘U’ in UWA stands for.



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