Rebirth Of The Archive

Today the Archive Of Unusual Events is reborn.

The original archive based in South Lanarkshire was destroyed on May 26th. Given little to no warning, and under cover of a bomb threat to a local school, burst pipes and a heavy localised rain deluge appear to have flooded and destroyed every paper document in the Archive. Even those sealed in plastic and locked in waterproof filing cabinets. Somewhat ironically this appears to have been a rather unusual event. It appears Scotland is finished with the Archive. On the silver side, this tragedy has given weight to the Archivist’s argument that we must modernise.

Today, 18th of June, a young woman in Belarus named Anastasia discovered that the flowers on her window sill sang back to her. They would repeat whatever she sang, although not if she spoke, in a game attempt at seven part harmony. Unfortunately their singing was dreadful, but they were only flowers after all. This event lasted for 4 minutes and was witnessed by Anastasia’s neighbour, but no others. The wider significance of this event (if any) is not yet known, although the symbolism of it occurring on this day is obvious.

This online edition of the Archive will bring you the latest descriptions of the fantastical events that occur throughout our world. By continuing to read you will discover the paranormal that surrounds our mundane lives, be it small and apparently insignificant, like singing flowers, or vast and dangerous. It may give you the information you need to stay alive should you run into the wrong creature in a dark alley, or the wrong alley in a predatory city, but be warned: knowledge has its own price. If you are willing, read on.


If you enjoy the story please leave the author a comment, as this makes him very happy. You can also help the Archive grow by voting at Top Web Fiction.

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